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How hard should you push your kids to do better at school?

Teenage girl in school uniform looking bored, with illustrated question marks around her to depict a kid not studying hard.
When it comes to encouraging your child to "do better" at school, how much pressure is too much? And who's really at fault if a student doesn't want to work hard? ABC Life's resident ethicist, Dr Matt Beard, tackles this thorny moral dilemma.

Most parents are doing time-outs all wrong. Here's why

Germana Eckert demonstrates a time-out with her daughter
ABC News: Many Australian parents use a type of discipline known as "time-out", which has recently been subject to controversy over its effectiveness. Now a wide-ranging study has found it works well on most children if done properly.

The 'moral panic' over screen time

One-year-old Stella sitting on the floor looking at a mobile phone, while her father sits behind her
ABC 7.30: Parents say screen time advice is "confusing" and "impractical", and that existing guidelines aren't keeping pace with the tech age. Some even liken screen time to fast food. So what's the best approach for your child?

Why I'll be encouraging my kids to take a gap year

Woman with red hair and orange backpack looking toward a mountain range to depict taking a gap year.
There is one thing I regret, a sadness that passing time has actually increased rather than diminished — I wish I'd taken a gap year between finishing school and starting university, Rebecca Huntley writes.

When your sperm donor becomes part of the family

A man and two women pose for a photo with a young girl
ABC Health and Wellbeing: In Tasmania, sperm donors are so scarce IVF clinics are flying in supplies from California — a same-sex couple on the waiting list shunned advice against a "known donor" to accept a friend's offer. Now, he is part of the family.

What one parent learnt from bringing up babies 20 years apart

Mark Tamhane sitting on the floor with his three young children.
I've been so busy doing the business of parenting young children over the past two decades that I really haven't stopped to think much about what it's actually like to parent six kids — I've been too busy living in the moment, Mark Tamhane writes.

What's the best part of having kids?

Christielee Plumridge kisses her three-year-old in Cambden to depict the best parts of parenting.
Watching their kids learn to tell jokes and landing a giant squash in the veggie patch — mums and dads at different stages of their parenting career share the best bits of having kids.

The family portraits unlike any you've seen before

Family portrait of mother and two children, taken by photographer EO Gill.
RN: Mention "family portraits" at this time of year and you're likely to conjure awkward images of reindeer jumpers. But one artist is giving them a dazzling update, to celebrate different types of families.

The benefits of mindfulness for busy parents

A mother and her two children sit in front of a cubby house.
Mindfully: When walking through the door means facing an onslaught of plates that need washing, dinner to be cooked and homework to be finished, these parents are turning to mindfulness to help.

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