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Living the resurrection in a time of violence and despair

Jesus's resurrection has inaugurated a new age in which the Risen One now rules over the world ― but nonetheless the powers of evil and Death are still at work. Death still stalks us until the end when God's final triumph will be realised. But what does it mean to live in this interim time?


Rediscovering the meaning of Passover

Pesach, or Passover, is more than just a festival. It is the journey each of us is invited to take from slavery to freedom. We are reminded that freedom is not born overnight; it needs an education. Without it, a society can all too quickly lapse into chaos or conflict, rivalry and war.


Ten meditations for Holy Week

Holy Week holds out an invitation to all who will hear it: perhaps not to a mere drama, but to a Passion to end all dramas; not to a story of justice and deserts, but to a story of divine love so exquisite as to exceed and upturn all justice as we know it; not to a theological conundrum to be solved, but to a dangerous and life-threatening journey ― a journey of pain, death, discovery and new Life.

Family lessons from Game of Thrones

Strip back the violence, incest and throne-hungering, and you're left with some pretty timeless questions around what constitutes a family, and how much we owe our blood relatives.


Holy Week and the hatred of the Jews

Jesus of Nazareth, charged by the Roman authorities with sedition, dies on a Roman cross. But Jews ― all Jews ― become known as "Christ-killers." Every year, the same difficulty surfaces: how can a gospel of love be proclaimed, if that same gospel is heard to promote hatred of Jesus's own people?


Cross and kingdom: Putting the Christian story together again

A great gulf has opened up between the canon and the creeds. The canonical gospels give us a Jesus whose public career radically mattered; the creeds give us a Jesus whose birth, death, resurrection and ascension are all we need to know. The gospels are all about God becoming king; the creeds focus on Jesus being God. It seems as though one great truth of early Christian faith has displaced another ― so thoroughly in fact that people forgot it even existed.

Why 'zombie Jesus' might not be blasphemous after all

You can buy a zombie Jesus t-shirt on Amazon — but was Jesus undead? Join guest host Justine Toh and the God Forbid panel as they explore what Easter means for our bodies, our economics and even the end of the world.


Can the Jewish-Christian history of mutual contempt be turned to friendship?

Judaism and Christianity share a common revelation in the Jewish Bible, a common commitment to the universal sovereignty, oneness and benevolence of God. Both traditions risk compromising central beliefs about God unless each recognises that it needs the other to enable its own understanding of God to ring true.

  • The Cardinal's Cousin

    This program was recorded in 2004 and features Monica Hingston – Cardinal Pell’s cousin and former nun, who has just been awarded the LGBTI Faith Award.

    A former nun and lesbian, Sister Monica Hingston confronts the Catholic Church's attitude to homosexuality, by making public a letter to its leader in Australia, Cardinal George Pell, who also happens to be her cousin.

    27hrs 30mins
  • In The Catholic Wild West: Compass Summer Series

    Mary Anne Gordon could be the new face of Catholicism out west. With few Priests available to do the work, she travels the length and breadth of the Wilcannia-Forbes district in rural NSW, hatching, matching, dispatching and providing pastoral care to small communities in a diocese the size of France. Could this be a new model for remote parishes worldwide?

    27hrs 30mins
  • I Confess: Compass Summer Series

    Is the need to confess an imperative all humans share? Kumi Taguchi reveals what confession looks like today; in the Catholic tradition, a secular confession offered on street corners, a pilgrim who carries the sins of others on the Camino de Santiago and a career criminal so burdened by his crimes he walked in to a police station and confessed all.

    27hrs 30mins
  • Divine Rhythms - Compass Summer Series

    Three artists share their passion as they write and rehearse original material for The Sydney Sacred Music Festival that celebrates the religious and cultural diversity of Greater Western Sydney.

    27mins 30secs


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